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I believe in woods, mountains, highways, cobblestones, roller coasters, dancing, concerts, cherry Pop Tarts, books, and magic.
When I'm not reading or writing on my couch, I'm dragging my husband off on an adventure, playing with my daughters, communing with Salem (my kitten/spiritual familiar), or causing trouble at One More Page Books, where I work.

* * * * *

(And here's that third-person bio, kind bookseller scrambling around before an event:)

Anna Bright is the author of YA novels The Beholder, The Boundless, The Song That Moves the Sun, and The Hedgewitch of Foxhall. When not writing or working as an indie bookseller, she loves concerts, roller coasters, and adventures at home and abroad. Anna lives with her family in a charming corner of Washington, DC, but you can find her online at and on Instagram at @brightlyanna.

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